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Testimonials: Testimonials

Highly recommend...Very nice and communication was awesome. They are all so beautiful and the price is good. Thank You.


I recommend Bejeweled Crystal. The one I purchased makes me feel so calm but I notice when I stop wearing it, it's the opposite. I have more crystals I will be purchasing.


Thank you Bejeweled Crystalz and Robin. I am starting to collect crystals and I am very pleased, in every live show she explains the properties of each crystal so we learn while shopping. Thank you so much I love every single piece!


I have a pretty big collection now from Bejeweled Crystalz. If you haven't already joined her page, do so. She's very informative, has wonderful unique pieces for every and anything you can think of.


My beautiful crystal collection is being rebuild. I have gone through so much emotional strain and stress I'm so thankful for all the help Robin has put the time to help me find the crystals I need. She custom ordered both my chakra bracelets, and one was actually custom made, and I loved it. Thank you so much!


I have made several purchases from here and have felt less stress at work. I had a HUGE project to do and although it was a lot of work and I may still have been stressed, I was in no way stressed as I would have been without crystals. The amount of work I had to do would have caused major anxiety but I felt more calm. Robin is always helpful and knowledgeable in the crystals and products she sells. I'm so happy to be supporting her business!


I'm so glad I got introduced to healing crystals. My life has changed so much for the better. I'm more calm and at peace with myself and fully aware to what's going on around me. If I have questions Robin is quick to answer them. I thank God that I crossed her path because her healing crystals are removing all negative energy away from me. I feel like I'm not walking around with my eyes closed any more. Thank you Bejeweled Crystalz.


Bought some beautiful crystals from Robin and can't wait to buy more. Delivery was also super fast!


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